About Us

Kingscroft Logistics LTD, the parent company of Buy cake boards direct, was formed in 1997 to bring together a company who could assist with many different substraits within packaging and who could supply the range of bespoke products required and relivant to todays market.

Our Philosophy is to provide 'Creative, Practical, Packaging' and we have strived to continue to do so for our almost 20 years in business.  We assist with artwork, origination and manufacturing of what can be a very complex but important aspect as it reflects the image of your company but also must be efficent for the packing process too.

Over the past 10 years we have branched out into a number of different avenues in the hopes that the services that we offer can be a benifit to the general public and our amazing business partners.  We have worked along side amazon and ebay for a number of years to push our ranges further and further with the idea that brand matters.

With the acquisition of our 27,000 square feet warehouse we have branched out into fulfilment, Parcelshop shipping and one of parcel shipments aswell as storage in the hopes that if you want it, we can supply it.

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